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intelligence station line identification instrument
Brief Introduction

products  name:intelligence  station  line identification instrument

Model : AQS-8

Its features

the only use of flexible clamp on china work in with machine to measure instrument can be arrive the accuracy rate of 100%.

Basic parameter

1.Host and extension of the equipment are all adopt 16:9  industrial grade of TFT and wide color  with high resolution  LCD display. 

2.can be directly display current signal quality ,as well as convenient to distinguish station and phase (if there have no signal quality ,we can't to distinguish the phase--this is a unique technology in china  ) 

3. the inside of the equipment has installed lithium battery, which  can be continue to work about more than 6 hours 

4.the instrument is equipped with a flexible current clamp -when the current sampling of the station identification instrument is a flexible current clamp which uses the unique Holzer technology in China, it can be used for any bending and opening test. 

5.can be distinguish the function of station .sub-branch .phase correctly . 

6.Instrument has multiple protection and ensure safety on operation 

7.Extension has four kinds of working modes are as the following

(1)signal channel ---Signal channel with the lowest frequency,first signal channel

(2)signal channel --- it  will use when 1 signal channel is disturbed

(3)signal channel---signal channel with highest frequency .it will be use when harmonic  influence 1 or 2 signal channel .

(4)alternating signal channel---the above three ways can be automatically rotated in turn,it will be use  when one station has just only extension . 

8.The current signal emitted by the extension is very small. the maximum current signal is not more than 3A and only the extension is emitted the current in the near zero point., the value will not impact power grid and  not interfere with the power equipment and user equipment 

9.Memory setting :When the working mode is set up ,then the shutdown and  boot directly into this mode of operation. 

10.One screen shows all the data:    

it is very easy to operate and convenient on site .because all data can show on one screen . 

11.A variety of ways to work  in a station ,can work simultaneously for the host up to 8 units,16 units for extension ,can check the switch about 24 units synchronously.