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multi-function single-phase electric energy meter field calibration instrument

                                                            Brief introduction
                                                      Products Model: AQS-6A
products name :multi-function  single-phase electric energy meter field calibration instrument

                                                                    一.the latest features

1. Access to 380V in voltage test line,the instrument will being alarm in the form of sound and voltage  flashing .

2.when the simulated current was wrongly connected to the zero line of the electrical meter ,the first automatic protection will not output the current.  if  wrong  happen again ,the second protective fuse  will burn off  is to absolute protection function .if only we want to recovery the normal action ,then just need to change new protective fuse .

3.when the pulse carefuless expose to 220v (voltage),protective fuse will be burn out  .if we want to recovery its normal function ,then  we have to change new one .

4 .English Version Input Method .

 A.This instrument is the latest product in our company.
the instrument is a kind of  multi  parameter measuring instrument  with digital  ,multi -function ,high precision .intelligent.
it not only can be calibrate power error and measuring voltage .current effective value.active power .reactive power .power .work .frequency .power factor .phase relation ect.but also suitable for various supply unit to measuring of  the accuracy of the calculation of single phase electric energy meter

B.its characteristic
easy and fast  in operation.All the steps are displayed on the screen.
also the parameter and measured data of all function will be displayed on the same screen,,simultaneously.

1.Single- phase electric energy meter calibration instrument is mainly used  in measurement system's calibration and low voltage transformation ratio test  of single -phase electrical energy meter .

2.the instrument adopt  the latest 32bit 150Hz DSP  technical as core and using hight precision 16 bit AD converter  with error stability, and high accuracy(  there have a essential difference compare with single- phase calibration instrument on electric meter chip ) .which is fully elaborate the advantage of digital processing technology.

3.the instrument adopt  large and color liquid crystal display  of LCD ,which  can display all parameter  through  calibration  on  the screen ,just like harmonic ,electrical parameter and its error . as well as we can seen out all field data when we stay front of the instrument by dynamic observation

4.we can using  current clamp and current induced by simulated load to further simplify the field work and improve work efficiency as the same time it can display terminal current and clamp current as well as its power and power sum on here

5.using a 500A and a small current clamp can measured the ratio of low voltage( CT ).

6.can measuring harmonic data (2-43 times ) including current and voltage

7.can calculate the constant of electric energy meter in the period of 1 electric energy pulse

8.can storage  meter data about 1000

9.can be connect to computer by RS232 serial communication interface

10.set low frequency pulse output to convinenenice self -checking and inspection.

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