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Three phase electricity calibration's instrument

 Products Model:  AQS-5A
1. Adopt 32  bit high speed 150MHZ DPS of IT ,high performance of 16-bit  AD with 6 channels
The digital multiplier with multi-function was successfully developed by floating point operation to ensure the accuracy of calculation  

2. No load can also check line function
can correctly check line without no-load or small current situation for user

3. Wiring simulation function
Instrument can be simulate the scene of variety of wiring and get corresponding the result of wiring in officer without access to voltage or current signal situation  therefore .the function can be a use tool of  check ing line .and  also improve the skill for the  field operation staff

4. Self-checking for 5A clamp error
the inside of the instrument can produce 5A current signal transferred  to 5A clamp ,thus we can measure the error of clamp meter
Thinking into account 5A clamp has  error change problem after being used for a long time.we should keep know the situation of closure  about the clamp meter at any time . remind relevant staff timely to clean clamp bite

5.Ultra wide current measurement range
500 times current range to ensure measuring  index :10000 times current display range .The minimum starting current is 1mA, NO-LOAD also can identify the wiring when high supply high time

 6. Electric energy accumulation function
  can  calibrate  electric energy meter without electic energy  pulse output, or as a test  of energy saving index

Ratio test
Waveform  display
Electrical parameters

can be set Ratio for PT and CT respectiveliy  ,therefore it can be directly display electrical parameters on it