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multi- function of three phase electrial energy meter--- field calibration instrument
products model :AQS-1C
                                                                        一.Main features
                                                               Smart ,filed calibration instrument
二.The latest  features

1.32 bit high speed digital signal processor
it is for the first time adopt  32 bit with high s peed 50 MH2 DSP of IT  and high performance 16bit AD with 12 channel  on domestic ,the wide digital  multiple with multi-functions  was  successfully developed  by floating  point operation to ensure that the  filed data is  accurate  ,high stable , high  reliable

2.can  measured  two meter error  simultaneously or  just only one 's ,which can improve not less than once work than traditional calibration method to measure error .

3. wiring simulation function
The maximum  interval  of automatic capture time can be set  to 999 hour  60 min .the minimum interval  time  1 min for  Electric  energy accumulation.

4.GPRS   communication function , high- end system
All  field data  can be copy to the computer of  official  by GRPS or  SMS ,it is helpful high-end system to solve the problem which happen on site  offer advantages  . if the instrument is installed with a wiring identifier inside ,then the high-end system  will upload solution to instrument by also GPRS  or SMS for field operator reference .by which ways can greatly reduce requirements for technical level of field personnel . 

5.wiring simulation function
Instrument can be simulate the scene of variety of wiring and get corresponding the result of wiring in officer without access to voltage or current signal situation  therefore .the function can be a use tool of  checking line and also   improve the skill for the  field operation staff
6. self-checking for 5A clamp error
the inside of the instrument can produce (5A ,0.25A)current signal transferred  to 5A clamp ,thus we can measure the error of clamp meter
thinking into account 5A clamp has  error change problem after being used for a long time.we should keep know the situation of closure  about the clamp meter at any time . remind relevant staff timely to clean clamp bite

7. the inside of the instrument is equipped with 512M storage  space .
         No load can also be identified wiring. when  high supply high time.the minimum of starting current  is 1mA

 三.other performance
1.It adopt 7 inch ,16:9  industrial grade and width color  screen of TFT , artistic  .enough information .rich content  .each function  parameter of  the instrument are directly  and clearly  display on  the screen simultaneously .even  if  the sun shining  are also  so . Thus the user can clear   seen  out all  data which appear on the screen  when user .

2.The instrument can measured the active error .reactive error .voltage .current .active power .reactive  power .phase .frequency .power factor . vector diagram  simultaneously  and  measured results .

3.There is no adjustable resistance  in the inside of the instrument .thus  measured error need to amended by soft ware and get accuracy  of data after revised

3.The display  range of i current input way  is up to 10000 times .

4. English version of the input method

5. we can choose the clamp mete (5A .100A.500A.1000A) to directly measure the  ratio of low  current transformer,by which  we can  conveniently found out some fault which happened in circuit breaker in CT two circuit,bad contact . short circuilt of ramp for internal of CT ,as well as   the ratio of  CT nameplate  whether meet  with the actual ratio of CT .

6.can real measurement  of three-phase  voltage  and its current (A.B.C)  ,as  well as  measured range of  harmonic ( 2-21 times )  .let us to know power grid supply situation .

7.can measured the waveform for voltage and current og  three -phase (A.B.C)

8. Wide power supply is 80V-480V

9.The instrument is installed on the USB can be directly connected to the computer with the function of data upload or copy.

10.all parameter need to input and all data  for field range need to download can be set up freely by user the maximum can be accept 5000 users data on it

11.can measured all kind of electric energy meter on domestic and abroad .

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