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multi-function of three phase calibration instrument for electric energy meter

                                                                                    Basic function
4.Can be synchronously calculate all data of full wave ,fundamental wave ,as well as harmonic wave and display simultaneously the data on the calibration interface ,including U,I,P,Q,VA,phase angle,PF about the full wave and fundamental wave ,the synthesis of U,I,P,Q,VA and percentage ,U,I direction (positive sequence, negative sequence and zero sequence) of harmonic wave ,as well as its PH Value and PF.

4.2 .Here have 7 way for calibration project ,including P,Q P1,Q1,S,S1, as well as harmonic wave active power which can be measure the active power and reactive power accuracy of electrical energy of  full wave meter ,fundamental meter and aslo check the vision accuracy of electrical energy meter.

4.3.Optional one harmonic or multiple harmonic to calculate the synthesis of U, I, P, Q, VA and percentage as well as harmonic wave active power

4.4 .Can be simultaneously single to analysis component and measured value of three phase,s harmonic wave and its 51times +PH ,-PH and the percentage of fundamental wave to ensure the influence of positive and negative harmonics on the metering.

4.5.The full wave reactive power is the algebraic sum of the reactive power of the fundamental wave and each harmonic wave.in order to avoid previously 90°phase-shift method and reactive measured mistake of harmonic wave ,we choose harmonic wave times to measure bandwidth of electric energy meter which will be test .

4.6. can be simultaneously detection of two checked pulses and also its constant.work ways and  completely different number of pulses

4.7.Overload 2.4times ,all measurement point can be ensure the accuracy of 0.05% and also ensure
the measured index of 1A rated current of CT . 500 times the current range to ensure
measurement indicators;

4.8 .500times of current range to ensure measurement indicator,1000times current display range.the mini 1A of start current, High for high time, no load can identify wiring.

4.9.Electric energy accumulation function can be checked without electric energy pulse output of electric energy meter

4.10.Display vector can identify three lines 48, four lines of 96 kinds of wrong wiring and CT two cross wiring

4.11.It adopt 7inch 16:9  industrial grade and width color touch screen of TFT ,artistic enough information ,rich content  ,each function  parameter of the instrument are directly and clearly display on the screen simultaneously .even if the sun shining are also so  thus the user can clear seen out all data which appear on the screen when user

4.12.instrument can be simulate the scene of variety of wiring and get corresponding the result of wiring and revised parameter in officer without access to voltage or current signal situation therefore ,the function can be a use tool of checking line and also improve the skill for the field operation staff

4.13.instrumentinternal can produce the actual current signal of 0.05-5A and added into 5A clamp to check the error of clamp meter . thinking into account 5A clamp has  error change problem after being used for a long time.we should keep know the situation of closure  about the clamp meter at any time . remind relevant staff timely to clean clamp bite,on the change of 5A clamp ,the error can be amend 0.2 grade.

4.14.can be automatically type-in the number and code of electric energy meter and support bar code scanning gun

4.15 .Using 485 orInfrared photoelectricity head to read out the total base of active power and reactive power of multi-function electric energy meter (sharp, peak, flat, valley) ,as well as meter constant and correcting.we comply with the provision of the national standard DL645-1997 DL645 and DL645-2007.(matching function)

4.16. Instrument inside with 2G electronic disk

4.17.Can bring 3 inches field printer and battery directly converted the color screen to black and white being printer.

4.18.Using the clamp meter ( 5A.100A.500A.100OA) directly to measure the ratio and ratio error of low voltage current transformer.

4.19.Show the voltage ,and current waveform of three phase A.B.C

4.20 .Work power input range is 55V-600V . The normal three-phase voltage input industrial socket is 600V. Industrial switches are used to switch external power supply and three-phase voltage as the working power supply.

4.21.all parameter need to input and all data  for field range need to download can be set up freely by user . it can download 5000 user data

4.22.Can be storage the display screen to U disk

4.23.Have the function of measuring the temperature and humidity

4.24.With USB interface, connecting the U disk, the formation of super large space, convenient data copy.

4.25. Touch screen and button operate ,input keyboard using computer keyboard arrangement and also can using PC computer keyboard of USB interface .

4.26. Can adjust time by USB interface and PC machine
4.27 .The plat computer can direct control instrument ,operation interface
4.28.Industrial voltage measurement socket and power switch, can be carried out under the 600V(the common power switch is 250v ,if exceeding the range  ,there have a security risks(380v is belong to over voltage )
4.29. High security design.city electric socket ,voltage measured socket,current input , Separately isolated between current clamp input, Withstand Voltage 4kv

4.30. when electric energy pulse input high voltage can being automatic protection and display prompt information on the instrument. after correcting the error, click on the interface to reset the protection

4.31.5A clamp has its own correction function:5A current from instrument internal produce add 5A clamp to measure the error of clamp meter .

4.32.Using 5 low power chips ARM,its all computer capacity is more than 1GIPS as the same time calculate 51times of harmonic wave and all parameter of full wave .   
4.33. Using mature and genuine CE WINDOWS operating system, the function is stable and reliable.